Your Drunkest Family Member at Holiday Parties Will Be Your Uncle

Stereotypes don’t always reflect reality, but sometimes they’re spot on:  Almost two-thirds of Americans say at least one family member will get drunk at a family get together this year.

And the most likely culprit is, yep, your DRUNK UNCLE.  A third of people say an uncle is the most likely to get hammered.

Here are a few more stats on how your Thanksgiving could go south in a hurry.

1.  The worst topics to bring up at the table are politics, family gossip, and personal drama.  Your parents are the most likely to bring up something that could start drama.

2.  39% of people say there will probably be some yelling, and 43% say it’s not uncommon for at least one person to leave early.

3.  48% of us expect to drink more at family get-togethers than we did at any other social event this year.  The #1 beverage that can ruin a holiday party is a tie between beer and whiskey.  Wine is third, followed by tequila.

4.  54% of people said at least one of their family members will probably have to apologize the next day.

The poll also asked about work parties:  67% expect at least one coworker to drink too much, 62% have dreaded work the next day because of something they or a coworker did, and 56% have worried about getting fired.


(PR Newswire)