Would You Risk Having Hiccups for Life, for a 50% Chance at $1 Billion?

Some people say it’s “impossible” to pick their favorite child.  It’s not, of course, but here’s something that actually IS a really hard call.

Someone on social media asked people, “You are offered the chance to flip a coin.  Tails gets you $1 Billion.  Heads gives you continuous, incurable hiccups for your entire life.  And not flipping the coin guarantees you BOTH.  What do you choose?”

57% of people would flip the coin.  Mainly for the chance to skate with a billion dollars and without constant hiccups forever.  And about 43% of people would accept the hiccups if it meant they’d be a billionaire.

Again, there’s no holding your breath, no scaring the hiccups away, no biting on a lemon.  They’re normal hiccups, but they’re not going anywhere.

One person said, “I don’t even care about the money.  I just don’t want the hiccups.”