Would You Dip Pizza in Guacamole? A Major Food Brand Is Trying to Make It a Thing

Does this sound like a good combo?  Or are these two things fine on their own, just not together?

A major food brand desperately wants us to start dipping our Pizza in Guacamole.  Hormel Foods owns the brand Wholly Guacamole, and they’re behind the push.

They did a poll that found 74% of us would reach for guacamole at a Super Bowl party, and 91% would reach for pizza.  But only 17% have tried them together.

They’re holding a contest and launched a website called GuacifyPizza.com.  250 fans in San Francisco and Kansas City will win free pizza and guacamole on Super Bowl Sunday.

So is this just a dumb marketing thing?  Or does guac on pizza actually sound good to you? 

(In related news:  Jif is giving away jars of peanut butter to keep Super Bowl fans from wasting celery.  They’re calling the ploy their “Save the Celery” campaign.)

(PR Newswire)