Wil Wheaton from “Star Trek” Is Really Upset with Larry David for Beating Up Elmo

Not everyone enjoyed seeing Larry David attack Elmo on the “Today” show.  But it REALLY, REALLY upset Wil Wheaton from “Star Trek: The Next Generation”.

This is at least partly due to the fact that Wil’s father was physically abusive to him when he was a kid.

He called Larry, “a stupid, self-centered, tone deaf [A-hole]”, and added, “Larry David strikes me as a person who mocks and belittles people who are vulnerable and sensitive, and enjoys being cruel, because he feels untouchable.”

He also said, “Elmo is an avatar for children all over the world.  Children who are too small to understand Elmo is a puppet will know that a man attacked someone they love for no reason, and that will frighten and confuse them.”

(There’s more, and you can read it here.)