Usher’s Halftime Show Included Alicia Keys, Lil Jon, And Roller Boogie???

Usher didn’t announce any guest stars ahead of his Halftime performance, but the show was loaded with them.

Alicia Keys was first up, with “If I Ain’t Got You” and “My Boo”.

Then H.E.R. came out to play guitar during “U Got It Bad”.

Will.I.Am joined Usher for “OMG”.

Then Lil Jon came out for “Turn Down for What”, and Ludacris joined them to finish the show with “Yeah!”.

Usher’s medley covered 14 songs in all.  The others were:  “Caught Up”“U Don’t Have to Call”“Superstar”“Love in This Club”“Confessions Part 2”“Nice & Slow”“Burn”, and “Bad Girl”.

The show featured great dancing, which isn’t surprising.  That’s what Usher does.  But he also put on a pair of ROLLER SKATES during the show.  And, of course, he pulled his shirt off.

We can debate where it ranks on the list of halftime shows, but one thing that was very apparent:  Usher was putting in the WORK and it showed.  The amount of sweating he did was even a trending topic on X.

(Check out clips from the show at Apple Music’s Instagram page.)