Unholy Idea? Philadelphia Cream Cheese Debuts Hole-less Bagels


Some people think this improves on the original design.  Others are calling it an “UNHOLY” idea.

Philadelphia Cream Cheese unveiled HOLE-LESS bagels this week.  A regular bagel, just no hole in the middle.  Shops in five different cities are selling them for a limited time.

The entire thing is just a marketing stunt.  They say it’s better, because there’s additional room to spread more cream cheese.

Each bagel shop has a slightly different version of it, so they’re not launching a new product.  It’s just a gimmick.

The five shops selling them are in New York, Chicago, Dallas, Seattle, and Montreal.  Utopia Bagels in New York is also selling 10-packs of theirs online for $70 at GoldBelly.com.

(Here’s a photo.)

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(Kraft Heinz / Global News)