Thieves Stole 27 Bags of Ice, and They Were Found Before They Melted

If you have something stolen from you, don’t lose hope that it could be returned days, weeks, or even months later, unless it’s something that could literally vanish.  Like ICE.

Police in Ohio were called to a Family Dollar this past Sunday, after two thieves stole 27 bags of ice.  It’s unclear why, but they didn’t get too far.

Someone spotted a pickup filled with ice at a gas station 13 miles away, and called the cops.  They must have seemed suspicious to someone, because the truck was in other county, and a load of ice doesn’t seem like a big red flag.

Police arrested 33-year-old Justin Hopkins and 44-year-old Vicki Bauer and charged them with theft.  The 27 bags of ice had NOT melted, despite it getting into the 50s that day, and were returned to the Family Dollar.

(Here are their mugshots.  I guess they may not have seemed like they were just stocking up for a Super Bowl party.)

(NBC 4