The Weirdest Things Patients Have Brought to the E.R. Include Live Animals and a Suitcase Full of French Toast

If you show up at the E.R. and had time to grab this stuff, was it really an “emergency”?

Someone on Reddit asked doctors to name the weirdest things they’ve seen patients bring with them to the E.R.  Here are the highlights . . .

1.  Lots of animals, including a turtle, a rabbit, a helper monkey, a flying squirrel, an emotional support duck, and a live chicken, because they didn’t want to leave it in their hot car.

2.  A half-eaten RAW chicken.  The guy wanted them to test it to see if it was raw.

3.  Their own thermometer.  So when the nurse took their temperature, they could double-check their work.

4.  A suitcase full of French toast.  (???)  No butter or syrup, just French toast.  The doctor said it looked dry but smelled great.

5.  A half-eaten can of beans, because the patient wanted to finish them.

6.  (Careful!)  A 45-pound electric meat grinder.  That one wasn’t a mystery, the guy’s hand was STUCK in it.

7.  A drunk guy laid down in the E.R., and a whole onion fell out of his pocket.

8.  Christmas lights, so they could string them up above their bed.

9.  A guy brought in the snake that bit him, and it was still alive.

10.  A guy came in with his junk stuck in the vacuum end of a Shop Vac.  He claimed he was trying to remove a kidney stone.