The Chiefs Won Super Bowl 58 (Taylor’s Version), Extended Edition

Super Bowl 58 is in the books, and even though there was a LOT of hype about Taylor Swift, she didn’t play a big part in the result.  As far as we know.  (Muhahaha!)  (???)

The Kansas City Chiefs defeated the San Francisco 49ers 25-22, in overtime.  It took a last-minute touchdown pass from Patrick Mahomes to Mecole Hardman.  (Who the Chiefs traded for  midseason.)

The game was tied 19-19 at the end of regulation.  Both teams were given the chance to possess the ball in overtime.  The 49ers got down near the goal-line, but couldn’t get in, so they had to settle for a field goal.

The 49ers defense just had to keep Mahomes and the Chiefs from scoring a touchdown to stay alive, easier said than done, and they couldn’t do it.

Mahomes was named the Super Bowl MVP, again.  It’s his THIRD time winning the award.  Like it or not, the Chiefs are officially a dynasty, and Mahomes is the new Tom Brady.

This is the Chiefs’ second straight Super Bowl, and third win in five years.  They beat the Philadelphia Eagles in the “Kelce Bowl” last year, also by three points.  Their run began in 2020, when they ALSO beat the 49ers.

San Francisco seemed in control for most of the game, sort of, but they couldn’t score enough to put any distance between them and Kansas City.  And it was only a matter of time before Mahomes and Travis Kelce got going.

Kelce only had ONE catch for ONE yard in the first half, and he was caught showing some frustration with coach Andy Reid on the sideline.  (Here’s video.)

It LOOKED intense, Kelce was apparently upset about being off the field for a pivotal play, but maybe that was just because it caught Reid off-guard.

In any event, he finished strong.  He didn’t score, but he caught nine passes for 93 yards, and there was one play where it looked like he was channeling the willpower of Swifties everywhere to POWER his way across the goal line.

For what it’s worth, after the game Kelce said he’d keep his words with Reid private, and joked that he was just telling him how much he loved him.  And Reid later said that Kelce apologized.  “He gave me a hug.  He just wants to be on the field, and he wants to play.  There’s nobody I get better than I get him.  He’s a competitive kid.  He makes me feel young.”  (Here’s video.)

Some people thought that Taylor’s mystical influence over the game might manifest in how the game was called, but the referees were actually NOT that controversial.  Thankfully.

But there was one strange moment, when 49ers linebacker Dre Greenlaw tore his Achilles, while simply running onto the field from the sideline.

It happened in the second quarter . . . and I would NEVER accuse Taylor of doing anything this wicked, but it was odd.  He was a major part of San Francisco’s defense all year.  Hopefully, he’s able to make a full recovery.

(You can find a ton of video highlights on the NFL’s YouTube channel.)