Super Bowl Stupidity: Including, Men Will Spend More on the Super Bowl Than Valentine’s Day?

The Super Bowl is Sunday, as you’re well aware by now, whether you’re into it or not.  And here’s some random, related stupidity that’s making the rounds online.

1.  A new report says that Americans will spend an average of $189 on the Super Bowl, which is up, a lot, from an average of $124 last year.  But more importantly, that’s also $25 MORE than the average American plans to spend on Valentine’s Day.

(Technically, that covers ALL adults, but you know the takeaway there is:  Men drop more money on the Super Bowl than on Valentine’s Day.)

2.  Google Trends put out a list of the most-searched Super Bowl recipes, and “shrimp scampi” was #1, followed by chili, meatloaf, meatball, sliders, sloppy joes, goulash, pizza dough, Alfredo sauce, and cheesecake.

They also put out a list of the most-searched Super Bowl drinks, and they’re Cocktails.  (Not really the booze I think of when it comes to Super Bowl parties, but I can get onboard.)

A Manhattan was #1, followed by Shirley Temple, Sidecar, Sex on the Beach, Roy Rogers, Screwdriver, Grasshopper, Painkiller (which is thematic AND delicious), Cosmopolitan, and a John Daly.  (???)

3.  Earlier this week, we heard that a QUARTER of Americans are betting on the Super Bowl.  And in a separate poll, it sounds like MEN are a lot more likely to bet than women, and the Midwest is the region of the U.S. LEAST likely to bet.

It’s also a young people’s thing.  48% of Gen Z’ers say they’re NOT putting any money on the game, compared to a whopping 94% of Boomers.

4.  In a poll last year, 14% of Americans admitted they have ZERO understanding of football.