Stupid Criminal: Two Million Dimes Were Stolen From a Truck in a Walmart Parking Lot

Police in Philadelphia are looking for thieves who broke into an unmarked truck that was parked in a Walmart parking lot early yesterday morning.   It was carrying 7.5 MILLION DIMES, which would be worth $750,000.

The thieves were able to get away with around two million dimes, which would be worth $200,000.  But some reports say they could’ve taken even more.  (It’s apparently taking a long time to count the remaining dimes.)

The dimes were headed from the Philadelphia Mint to Florida.  The driver parked the truck in the lot to sleep somewhere, and the theft happened while it was there unattended overnight.

It’s unclear if the thieves knew what was inside.

According to the U.S. Mint, one dime weighs 2.3 grams, meaning the thieves stole more than 10,000 pounds of dimes.

This begs an interesting question:  If the thieves didn’t know what was inside, would 7.5 million dimes be a good surprise or a bad one?  On one hand, even though the coins are heavy, it’s pure cash, so it conveniently skips the step of having to sell whatever you’re stealing.

That said, what are you going to do with a million dimes without attracting attention to yourself?  (Especially since these days, having any dimes at all seems uncommon.)

(Here’s a news report, which shows the aftermath, with TONS of dimes scattered outside the truck, in the parking lot.)

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