Stupid Criminal: Police Are Looking for a Toilet Go-Kart Thief

Police in Washington state are looking for leads in a felony toilet theft.  But the thief didn’t just run into someone’s bathroom and jack their crapper.

It’s actually a GO-KART, with a real toilet as a seat, that a local plumber would ride as a parade float to promote his business.

He said it’s worth $2,000.  He paid $300 for the go-kart on Craigslist, then shelled out over $1,100 to have the rig custom-fabricated to add a $400 toilet as a seat to sit on.  But it’s also a one-of-a-kind vehicle.

It was stolen last Saturday night from the guy’s business.  He has surveillance footage, which shows a man decked out in camouflage taking it.

Sadly, it sounds like the go-kart didn’t make it in one piece.  Shattered porcelain was found across the street, so the plumber suspects that someone may have tried to lift it into a vehicle, and it snapped and broke.

As far as we know, the police don’t have any suspects yet.