Stupid Criminal: A Man Set Fire to His Car, To Discourage Thieves from Stealing from It

Police in Indiana arrested a 26-year-old man named Austin Bristoe on Sunday for arson.  They found him next to a 1998 Buick that was on fire.   

The strange thing is that Austin said the Buick was his, and that he set it ablaze to discourage people from stealing stuff from inside it.  Because “if there was nothing left of the vehicle, then there’d be nothing left to steal.”

At one point, the fire caused a small explosion, and Austin told the cops, “I hoped the explosions would be bigger.”  So yeah, kind of a weird dude.

It’s unclear what items he was talking about, but the cops did find drug paraphernalia on him.  So in addition to arson, he was also charged with unlawful possession of a syringe, hypodermic needle, and controlled substance.


(Fox 59)