Stupid Criminal: A Guy Drives into the Ocean and Tells Cops, “Not My Fault the Truck Don’t Surf”

Here’s a guy who’s just livin’ his best life.  Cops in New Smyrna Beach, Florida got a call on Tuesday about a 49-year-old man who decided to take his truck for a spin on the beach and drive it INTO the ocean.  His name is Jason Brzuszkiewicz.

You’re actually allowed to drive on the beach there, but not always.  It was closed to cars because of the weather, and the tide was too high.  Jason didn’t care though.  He went around a closed gate that said “Do Not Enter”, and drove his white Dodge Ram pickup truck into the water.

Lifeguards were the first to respond after they saw him driving back and forth in the waves and trying to do donuts in the sand.  The water he was in was two to three feet high.  This was all around 9:00 A.M. in the morning.

Cops eventually got him out and onto dry land.  And here’s the quote that’s making headlines:  When they said he shouldn’t have been driving in the water, he told them, “It’s not my fault the truck don’t surf.”  (???)

They charged him with failing to pay the beach access fee and released him on a $200 bond.  His truck had to be towed off the beach.  But based on the smile in his mugshot, he does NOT regret it.

Here’s the video.  Turns out he’d also been arrested two days earlier for defrauding an innkeeper.

(WMTV / Fox 35)