Someone Stole a Tower – A 200-Foot Radio Tower

Just a few weeks ago, a radio station in Oklahoma went off the air, after thieves cut down a broadcast tower, just to get $100 worth of copper from the cables.  But that’s nothing compared to this.

On Friday, a radio station in Alabama (WJLX) announced that someone had stolen an entire 200-foot steel tower.  (???)  Like, it’s gone, without a trace.

According to a Facebook post, the station owner said that a building was vandalized, every piece of equipment was stolen out of it, and they cut the wires to the tower, downed it, and took it from the property.

The owner doesn’t mention anything about surveillance, only to say that the police are investigating.

But something tells me that the thief (or thieves) WILL be tracked down, because someone had to see them making off with a 200-foot tower.