Someone Invented a Shoe You Can Wear Backwards

If you saw someone walk down the street in these, you’d think it was a glitch in the matrix.  A fashion brand in New York invented a new shoe you can wear backwards.  No matter which end you put your foot in, it’s still functional footwear.

If you wear them like normal, they’re an open-toed sneaker.  That alone is pretty weird.  (Here’s a photo.)If you wear them the other way, they’re sandals.  But it looks like you’ve got your shoes on backwards.  (Here’s a photo.)

They’re called the “BWD” shoe, short for “backward,” we assume.  It’s from the brand MSCHF.  (pronounced “mischief”)  They’re the same company selling those big red boots that make you look like a cartoon character.  So they specialize in weird stuff.

Their new backward shoes will cost $135 and hit their website on April 11th. 

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