“SNL” Host Ayo Edebiri Got to Apologize for Insulting Jennifer Lopez

Ayo Edebiri used her gig hosting “Saturday Night Live” this weekend to right a wrong from a few years ago.

Back in 2020, Ayo called Jennifer Lopez’s music career, “one long scam”, and suggested that she CAN’T SING, and doesn’t even sing her own music.

Well, J-Lo just happened to be the musical guest on this weekend’s show.  And while they didn’t interact directly, Ayo played a contestant in a game show sketch called “Why’d You Say It?”.

And she said, “OK, OK!  We get it.  It’s wrong to leave mean comments or post comments just for clout, or run your mouth on a podcast and you don’t consider the impact because you’re 24 and stupid.”

She wasn’t specifically apologizing to J-Lo, but that seemed to be the intent.

Check out the sketch here.  Meanwhile, J-Lo had to pull out her own hair extensions during one of her performances, and Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley made a surprise appearance.