Samuel Adams Is Selling a Beer Can “Magic 8 Ball”, To Get You Out of Obligations?

Some beer companies want to be the life of the party, but Samuel Adams is fine being the beer you drink when you bail on all your friends and just sit at home, alone.

Samuel Adams is selling a mock beer can toy online called the “I CAN’t Can”, and it’s basically a variation on the “Magic 8 Ball.”

In the description, it says that when you shake it, it will provide you with an excuse to “ditch unwanted obligations and get back to what summer is all about:  drinking beer.”  (On your back porch, far FAR away from the insanity of your nephew’s Little League game.)

There are 12 “excuses” inside, with beer pun excuses, like “working on a six-pack”, “making pour choices”, and “caught an ale-ment.”

They WERE available for pre-order on their website for $5.30, but they sold out almost immediately.  There should be more soon.  The first batch ships on July 10th.

(PR Newswire)