RATT’s 1984 Hit “Round and Round” Is Back on the Charts Because of a Geico Commercial

Have you seen any of Geico’s recent ads where people talk about insurance issues?  Like the one where two people talk about the “clogging problem” in their apartment, and it turns out the family above them are clog dancers.


Well, another one of those ads features a couple with a “rat problem.”  And RATT the BAND is featured in it.  (Here’s the ad.)



It shows them playing their 1984 hit, “Round and Round” in various parts of the house.  And now 36 years later, it’s a HIT again, all because of that commercial.  This week, it hit #18 on Billboard’s Top 20 Rock Digital Song Sales chart.  The band posted about it on their blog and thanked fans, “old and new”, for pushing the song up the charts this year.


Lead singer Stephen Pearcy talked about the commercial in a recent interview.  He said it was fun to do, and that the timing worked out really well, because everyone’s been stuck at home watching TV.


The ad debuted about two months ago, and it’s already aired over 10,000 times.  It also has close to nine million views on YouTube.