Rachael Ray Delivered an Ice Cream Machine to Ukrainian Orphans

If you’re a Ukrainian orphan, you could probably use some stability, an end to war, and maybe, you know, parents.  But Rachael Ray brought them Ice Cream.  Okay, I’m just being an ass now.  But seriously, what Rachael did was pretty cool.  She went to an orphanage in western Ukraine and refurbished their kitchen and taught the kids how to cook. 

She also donated an ice cream maker and a floor cleaner.  She said, “I am just grateful that they allow me to be part of their community and their effort.  It is a moral imperative to be here.  People here in Ukraine, they continue on with their lives despite whatever happens.  I am in such awe of that.”

Rachael has been to Ukraine four times this year, and plans are underway for her fifth trip.

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