Over 5,300 Postal Workers Were Attacked by Dogs Last Year

If you hate your job, just remember, at least you’re not under constant threat of being mauled to death.  The U.S. Postal Service just released its annual report on dog attacks.  They say more than 5,300 of their employees were attacked last year. 

That’s actually down a bit from 2021, when over 5,400 attacks were reported.

California and Texas were the top two states again, which makes sense since they have the most people.  One in five attacks happened in those two states.

But there’s a new #1 CITY for dogs attacking mailmen.  Congratulations, Houston!  It jumped from second to first.  Cleveland topped the list a year ago, but dropped to fourth place this time.

The top five cities for dogs attacking postal workers this time are:  Houston, 57, L.A., 48, Dallas, 44, Cleveland, 43, and San Diego, 39. 

(USPS.com has lists of the Top 25 cities and Top 10 states.)