New Trend: Convenience Stores Turning Restrooms Into Dance Clubs?

Most roadside convenience stores don’t want you using their restrooms.  And, well, the feeling is mutual.  But one chain is making their bathrooms more FUN.  

Six HOP Shops locations in Northern Kentucky have installed big red buttons in their bathrooms, with a sign saying:  “Do Not Push This Button.” 

But there’s also an image of their mascot, Hopper the Frog, WINKING, which signals that you COULD push the button if you want to.  If you do, it temporarily turns the bathroom into a DANCE CLUB, with lights, including an actual disco ball, and music.

A manager says the disco party bathrooms have gone viral on social media, and they’re such a draw that people are coming JUST to go in to the bathroom.

She even says, “I had a 60-year-old woman who came out of the restroom and told me it was the best day of her life.”  

And a woman proudly says she celebrated her 20th birthday, by visiting all six HOP Shops disco bathrooms.

The idea was to do something unique to bring people in, and hopefully they’ll make purchases while they’re there.  They started by trying it in one location last year, and it’s been such a hit that now there are six locations that have it.

( has a local news report on the red bathroom buttons.  There are more than a dozen HOP Shops locations in Kentucky and Ohio.  It’s unclear if the disco bathrooms will be added to EVERY location.)