Millennials Are the Best Employees, Gen Zers Are the Worst, Because They’re Bad with Tech?

Millennials used to be seen as entitled hipsters who required constant praise.  So your day will come, Gen Z.  But it’s not here yet.

A new survey by Resume Builder found Millennials are now seen as the Best Employees and Gen Zers are the Worst.   They polled 1,300 bosses.  74% said Gen Z is harder to work with than any other generation. 

Here’s the most surprising stat:  When asked WHY Gen Z workers aren’t so great, the top answer was they’re bad with TECH.  (???)

39% of bosses said that the Gen Z workers they’ve hired have had a, “lack of technological skills” in general.  (I guess those TikTok skills don’t translate.)The top five complaints about Gen Z workers are:  A lack of tech skills, lack of effort, lack of motivation, they’re not as productive as other workers and they’re “easily distracted.”

“Poor communication skills” and being “easily offended” just missed the top five.  And that last one is also a common reason Gen Zers get CANNED, apparently.

Two-thirds of bosses said they’ve had to fire Gen Z workers more often than other employees.  The top three reasons are a lack of motivation, not trying hard enough, and they’re too thin-skinned. 

(Resume Builder)