Margot Robbie Isn’t Upset Over Her Oscar Snub

Margot Robbie seems to be a LOT less concerned about her “Barbie” Oscars snub for Best Actress than everyone else. 

“There’s no way to feel sad when you know you’re this blessed.  Obviously I think Greta [Gerwig] should be nominated as a director, because what she did is a once-in-a-career, once-in-a-lifetime thing.  But it’s been an incredible year for all the films.  We set out to do something that would shift culture, affect culture, just make some sort of impact.”

Then she went on to say, “And it’s already done that, and some, way more than we ever dreamed it would.  And that is truly the biggest reward that could come out of all of this.”  

In related newsRobert Downey Jr. doesn’t think Margot gets enough credit for her performance as Barbie, specifically for how she reacts during America Ferrera’s monologue.