Main TV Characters Who Sucked the Life Out of Their Show

BuzzFeed asked their readers which main TV characters they couldn’t stand.  Whether it’s due to an insufferable personality or poor writing, you have to admit looking back, some of these really do suck. 

Here are some of the best ones.

1.  Darrin Stephens, “Bewitched” . . . “He was so insufferable and couldn’t let Samantha enjoy anything without berating her about witchcraft, unless it benefited him.”

2.  Jeff Winger, “Community” . . . “Every moment Jeff wasn’t onscreen, I forgot he even existed, until the writers shoved him back down our throats, trying to convince us he was handsome and cool.”

3.  Dr. Gregory House, “House” . . . “House himself is insufferable.  There were so many times where it went beyond the point of the show.  I started to get upset FOR the fictional patients!”

4.  Ted Mosby, “How I Met Your Mother” . . . “[He] played a big part in the normalization/rise of the ‘nice guy’ variety of garbage male.”

5.  Carrie Bradshaw, “Sex and the City” . . . “She’s so shallow, hollow, entitled, and materialistic.”

6.  Finn Hudson, “Glee” . . . “I mean, the homophobia toward Kurt in the episode with the room where he refused to stand up for Kurt, because he wanted to keep his reputation, was horrible.”

7.  Callie Torres, “Grey’s Anatomy” . . . “She acted like an unprofessional passive-aggressive [jerk] on so many occasions but I disliked her the most in that episode where she is getting sued.”

8.  Brooke Davis, “One Tree Hill” . . . “I didn’t like her until the later seasons, when she became an adult.”

9.  Jeremy Gilbert, “Vampire Diaries” . . . “He was just so annoying and whiny all the time.  Did I mention, he cheated on Bonnie with a literal ghost!”

10.  The entire main cast of “Riverdale” . . . “The main characters just keep getting worse and worse.  Their character development makes no sense and the whole show is just a mess.”


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