Less Than Half of Us Say Tossing a Banana Peel on the Ground Is Littering

A lot of people drop trash on the ground because they DON’T CARE if it’s littering or not.  But some people actually think certain things are NOT littering.  Like maybe cigarette butts, or banana peels.

A poll recently asked thousands of people if they thought tossing a banana peel on the ground was littering, and about half, 49%, said YES, it is.

36% said “it depends.”  For example, they’d say dropping a banana peel in the forest is NOT littering, but dropping it in the street IS.

And 14% said that it’s never considered littering.

Some people in the poll pointed out that it’s perfectly acceptable (and even encouraged) in “Mario Kart” (???), others pointed out the insurance risks of the peel making people SLIP.

And some hard-liners warned that even though a banana peel is biodegradable, you shouldn’t leave organic matter in a non-native environment, because it could disrupt the ecosystem.