It’s National Croissant Day! Burger King Has Breakfast Sandwiches for a Penny

If you had a bagel this morning, you’re doing it wrong.  Happy National Croissant Day!

It’s a French word, named after their crescent shape.  But they supposedly originated in Austria as early as the 13th century.  Now you know.

We could only find one national chain running a deal today, but it’s a pretty good one:  Burger King is selling their croissant breakfast sandwiches for a PENNY.

They’ve got seven different types of “Croissan’wiches”.  But of course, there’s a catch, or multiple catches.  You can’t just pull up to the drive-thru with two rolls of pennies and order a hundred of them.

You have to be a member of their “Royal Perks” loyalty program, order through their website or app, spend at least $1, and it only runs until their normal breakfast cut-off, which is 10:30 A.M. at most locations. 

(USA Today)