Is Beyoncé Really an Italian Woman Named Ann Marie Lastrassi?

You may think Beyoncé is a fierce black woman, but you are wrong.  And we have KW Miller to thank for blowing the whistle on her deception.


Miller is running to represent Florida’s 18th District in Congress.  He’s not affiliated with a party, but he’s a big supporter of President Trump and QAnon.  Oh, and he’s INSANE.


Over the weekend, he Tweeted that Beyoncé is NOT black, she’s an Italian woman named Ann Marie Lastrassi, and she’s part of the, “Soros Deep State agenda for the Black Lives Matter movement.”



He added that her song “Formation” is a “secret coded message to the globalists,” and that she worships at “Satanist churches” and keeps “Satanist symbols in her bag.” 


Miller also called Patti LaBelle an “Illuminati globalist puppet,” but so far, he appears to be allowing for her blackness.  (Yeah, nothing off about this guy.)


(Florida Politics)