How Many Break-Ups Have You Been Through? And Is It Harder to Dump, or Be Dumped?

Have you ever crunched the numbers on this?  How many break-ups would you say you’ve had in your entire life?

Someone polled 4,000 Americans, and the top answer was just two or three.  No matter your age, a third of people have only gone through two or three break-ups.

12% said zero, and another 12% said only one.  So a quarter of us have been through one break-up or less.

29% have been through more than three, including 5% who said more than TEN.

The poll also asked whether it’s harder to dump someone, or BE dumped.  And the most popular answer was, they both suck.

43% said they’re equally hard, 32% said being dumped sucks more, and 12% said dumping someone is worse.  (The other 13% said “not sure,” which makes sense if 12% of us haven’t been through a break-up before.)Last question:  Do you think breaking up with people is a skill you can get better at?  37% said yes, practice makes perfect.