Here’s What Fitness Pros Do When They Don’t Feel Like Working Out

Earlier this week, we heard about a study that said working out just on the weekends could be as good as exercising daily.  And if you need some motivation beyond THAT, here are four tips from fitness pros on what they do when they don’t feel like working out at all:

1.  They commit to doing just a few minutes.  Your workout doesn’t need to be long to be beneficial.  Just a 20-minute walk or jog can do wonders.

2. ​ They blast some good music before getting started.  Putting on some tunes that hype you up can get you in a good headspace and help loosen you up.

3.  They find a fun way to move.  It’s easier to work out when it’s an activity you don’t hate.  That might mean dancing around your living room, jumping rope, hula hooping, or doing a spin class.

4.  Sometimes they just don’t work out.  It’s okay to take a rest day every once in a while.  You don’t want to push yourself to a point where you end up hating exercise.

(Huff Post)