George Clooney Cuts His Own Hair . . . with a Flowbee?

Remember the infomercials for the FLOWBEE, that self-haircutting system that looks like a cross between a hair dryer and a vacuum cleaner?  Do you know anyone who’s actually tried it?  Well, now you do:  George Clooney.  And he didn’t just give it a whirl back in the day, he’s STILL USING IT regularly.


In an interview with “CBS Sunday Morning” yesterday, George was asked if he’s trimming his own hair during quarantine.


He said, “I’ve been cutting my own hair for 25 years.  My hair is really like straw, and so it’s easy to cut, you can’t make too many mistakes.  Years ago, I bought a thing called a ‘Flowbee’, I still have it.  My haircuts take literally two minutes.”  He was asked if the cut he was rocking for the interview was done by a Flowbee, and he said YES.


(Here’s video.  Skip to the 2:25 mark.  There’s a chance George is clowning around, as he’s been known to do.  But he actually seems serious about this.  And if that is the case, expect Flowbee to be contacting him about an endorsement.  Here’s an old infomercial.)