Five Random Facts for Monday

Here are some random facts for you.

1.  The moon is lemon-shaped.

2.  It’s almost impossible to castrate a hippo.  Their testes are on the inside, they recede even deeper during the surgery, and their location can be up to 16 inches different from hippo to hippo.

3.  The big “THUG LIFE” tattoo on Tupac’s stomach was an acronym for “The Hate U Give Little Infants [Effs] Everyone.”

4.  There have only been four outdoor games in NBA history.  All of them were preseason games, and the Phoenix Suns played in all four of them.  The most recent one was in 2010.

5.  The city that’s made the most bids to host the Olympics without ever getting one is Detroit.  They’re zero for seven on their bids.  Their most recent one was in 1972.  London is the opposite.  They’ve made four bids and they’ve gotten the Olympics every time. 

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