Denise Richards Under Fire Going Maskless on Plane, Wearing ‘Huge Winter Coat’ Instead

Actress Denise Richards is facing criticism after announcing she opted for a “huge winter coat” rather than a face mask to protect herself from the coronavirus on a recent flight.

On Sunday, the former “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star took to her Instagram Story to share a since-expired selfie, writing she was “on a jet plane.”

“Anyone that is upset that I [am] not wearing a mask I’m hiding under a hoody amd [sic] a huge winter coat.  Please. Thicker than any mask!!!!!!” she added in the post via Page Six.

The post also showed 50-year-old Richards’ full face without any face covering.

The star’s social media controversy comes amid a surge of the fast-spreading omicron variant.

Fans were not thrilled to see Richards’ post given the recent surge around the globe and called her out on Twitter for it.

One Twitter user wrote, “@DENISE_RICHARDS you better be on hiatus or fired for subjecting others to breaking protocol. Your germ infested coat is not a d–n mask.”

Another called the TV personality an “idiot.”

“denise richards green juice yoga pilates pink twitter princess is such a sad clout chaser,” another said.

One user declared that Richards should be placed “on the no fly list.”

“I wouldn’t be surprised if we never saw Denise Richards again,” one person added.


(Fox News)