Dear God, Why? Introducing Broccoli-Infused Chocolate

Valentine’s Day is a big day for chocolate fans.  But if you hand someone this, maybe you deserve to get dumped . . .

Chocolate infused with broccoli is now a thing that exists.  A broccoli grower in the U.K. called Tenderstem partnered with a chocolate company for it.

They’re calling them “Tender-Choc“, even though “Broc-Choc” was right there for the taking.

Each box has nine pieces of dark chocolate filled with a blend of cream and puréed broccoli.  But sadly, or thankfully, you can’t buy them.  They only made a limited number of boxes, and just people in the U.K. can enter to win them.

(Here’s a photo.  This whole thing sounds like a nightmare I had when I was eight.)

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