David and Victoria Beckham Were Burglarized While They Were Home Downstairs

David and Victoria Beckham were the victims of a burglary that happened February 28th at their London home.  The masked intruder was pretty bold considering they were IN THE HOUSE at the time.

The thief broke in through an upstairs window while David, Victoria, and their daughter were downstairs relaxing.  They didn’t realize what happened until their son Cruz came home and saw one of their spare rooms had been ransacked.

A source said, “The [thief] had broken through a window and darted straight back out of the same one with a small number of items.  Luckily none had a huge amount of sentimental value to the family.”

The items taken were designer and electronic goods, that were worth thousands of dollars.  The source also added that the Beckhams were, “clearly shaken up.”  Police are investigating the incident, including their security footage.


(Page SixThe Sun)