Stupid Criminal: A Drunk Man Was Arrested After He Drove to the Police Station to Complain About a Previous Arrest

You know when “Karens” demand to “talk to the manager,” but they’re still behaving in a way that won’t get any sympathy?  Well, this is the stupid criminal version of that. A 42-year-old man in Canada was arrested on Tuesday, when someone called the police to say that he was causing a disturbance in a

A Man Got Out of Prison, and Stole a Truck Hauling Corvettes Because He Needed a Ride Home

If you just got out of prison, you might want to ride home in style, and not just ONE Corvette will do the trick.  This person needed, like, 10 Corvettes. A 23-year-old man from Oklahoma named Isaiah Walker was arrested after he stole a semi from a truck stop in Arizona. He assaulted the driver,

Stupid Criminal: A Thief Tried to Rob an ATM . . . Inside a Jail?

It’s hard to imagine a criminal thinking this would be a good idea. A 26-year-old man in Michigan broke into a county jail with a knife, and then began to break into an ATM in the bond lobby area. Corrections deputies saw him, and called the police when they noticed he had a knife.  It’s

Valentine’s Day Quickies: WD-40 Cologne, Credit Score Dating, and Kissing Is Twice as Old as Jesus

It’s a rough day to be single, because the internet is FLOODED with Valentine’s Day content.  But not everything is corny love stuff, some of it has a healthy dose of stupidity.  Like these . . . 1.  The art collective MSCHF put out a WD-40 COLOGNE last year.  It sold out quickly, but they recently

Stupid Criminal: A Guy Drives into the Ocean and Tells Cops, “Not My Fault the Truck Don’t Surf”

Here’s a guy who’s just livin’ his best life.  Cops in New Smyrna Beach, Florida got a call on Tuesday about a 49-year-old man who decided to take his truck for a spin on the beach and drive it INTO the ocean.  His name is Jason Brzuszkiewicz. You’re actually allowed to drive on the beach

Stupid Criminal: A Naked Woman Walks into a Convenience Store Armed with a Potato Peeler

This almost sounds like the setup to a joke, but it’s oh so real:  A naked woman walked into a convenience store armed with a potato peeler on Sunday.  Yes, it happened in Florida.  And yes, she was drunk. 35-year-old Celia Barrett waltzed into a store in St. Petersburg Sunday evening, and started yelling about

Stupid Criminal: Someone Vandalized a House, with Pepperoni

These days it’s harder to find things to vandalize people’s property with, because toilet paper, eggs, EVERYTHING costs more.  Especially meat. A woman in New Jersey recently had her home “vandalized”, with pepperoni.  There were large chunks by her doorstep, and strewn around the porch.  More pieces were “strategically placed down the stairs”, and then

New in Theaters: Snoop Dogg in “The Underdoggs”

1.  “The Underdoggs“  (R)  Trailer Snoop Dogg plays a former pro football player who gets sentenced to community service coaching an unruly pee-wee football team in his hometown.  Mike Epps, Tika Sumpter, and George Lopez are also in it. 2.  And now, some limited releases you may or may not care about: “American Star” starring Ian McShane as an assassin who gets a little too close’s Most Unusual Room Service Requests Include Diet Water and Melted Ice Cream?

Are you someone who loves ordering room service while staying at a hotel?  Not for the price obviously.  Or the quality.  Just for the sheer convenience of it. released its first-ever “Room Service Report,” and it includes a list of the 10 most UNUSUAL room service requests.  They are: 1.  Diet water 2.  Melted

Stupid Criminal: Two Million Dimes Were Stolen From a Truck in a Walmart Parking Lot

Police in Philadelphia are looking for thieves who broke into an unmarked truck that was parked in a Walmart parking lot early yesterday morning.   It was carrying 7.5 MILLION DIMES, which would be worth $750,000. The thieves were able to get away with around two million dimes, which would be worth $200,000.  But some reports