New in Theaters: “Ordinary Angels” and “Drive-Away Dolls”

1.  “Ordinary Angels”  (PG)  Trailer Hilary Swank is a hairdresser who rallies her community to save the life of a little girl who needs a liver transplant during the worst snowstorm in Kentucky’s history.  It’s inspired by a true story and stars Alan Ritchson from “Reacher” as the girl’s father. The rest of the cast includes Nancy Travis from “Last Man Standing”, Tamala Jones from “Castle”, and Amy Acker from “Angel” and “Person of

If You Don’t Mind Me Asking: How Do You Write an Uppercase ‘E’?

It’s a Friday, and we aren’t going to achieve world peace today.  We may not even achieve lunch.  So, let’s just forget about anything important, and pose THIS random question:  How do YOU write an uppercase ‘E’? A new poll asked more than 1,600 people, and the most common answer was:  Make a vertical line,

A Woman Almost Had Her Car Stolen, By Three German Shepherds?

The over-under on the number of German shepherds you can deal with in a car is 0.5, depending how much you like big dogs. A woman in St. Petersburg, Florida named KeKe was dropping her kid off at daycare on Tuesday, when she briefly left her driver’s side door open. Then, out of nowhere, three

Employers Are Trying to Woo Workers Back to the Office, with Smells?

Would you be more excited about going back to the office, if the smell of Indian Sandalwood was always wafting through the air? The “Wall Street Journal” says that some employers are pumping fragrances into work spaces to improve workers’ moods. There isn’t one magic scent that is doing the trick, companies are creating CUSTOM blends.

It’s National Margarita Day! 3% of Us Will Judge You for Ordering a Frozen One

If a coworker shows up hung over tomorrow morning, this is why:  Happy National Margarita Day!  Here are a few stats and facts to celebrate . . . 1.  A poll for it found 76% of Americans like margaritas.  Only 7% have a full-on HATRED for them. 2.  Margaritas are the third-most-ordered cocktail worldwide.  That’s according to Bacardi’s most

A Woman Paid Tribute to Her Grandparents, By Naming Her Daughter “Harlotte”?

f you think Gen Z is spending too much time using online shorthand and not enough time learning actual words, you’ll appreciate THIS: A 20-year-old woman had a baby girl last month, and for the girl’s name, she wanted to pay tribute to her grandparents.  So she named her “Harlotte.”  (???) No, her grandfather didn’t meet

The English Language Has 546 Words for “Drunk”

This is useful info on National Margarita Day.  Your ability to describe how plastered your friends are is about to become much more robust:  A study found the English language has 546 different words for being drunk. You know the classics, like hammered, wasted, tipsy, trashed, smashed, loaded, or the more formal, inebriated.  Even things like “shwasted” made