It’s National Margarita Day! 3% of Us Will Judge You for Ordering a Frozen One

If a coworker shows up hung over tomorrow morning, this is why:  Happy National Margarita Day!  Here are a few stats and facts to celebrate . . . 1.  A poll for it found 76% of Americans like margaritas.  Only 7% have a full-on HATRED for them. 2.  Margaritas are the third-most-ordered cocktail worldwide.  That’s according to Bacardi’s most

A Woman Paid Tribute to Her Grandparents, By Naming Her Daughter “Harlotte”?

f you think Gen Z is spending too much time using online shorthand and not enough time learning actual words, you’ll appreciate THIS: A 20-year-old woman had a baby girl last month, and for the girl’s name, she wanted to pay tribute to her grandparents.  So she named her “Harlotte.”  (???) No, her grandfather didn’t meet

The English Language Has 546 Words for “Drunk”

This is useful info on National Margarita Day.  Your ability to describe how plastered your friends are is about to become much more robust:  A study found the English language has 546 different words for being drunk. You know the classics, like hammered, wasted, tipsy, trashed, smashed, loaded, or the more formal, inebriated.  Even things like “shwasted” made

National Walk Your Dog Day: Here’s Why Skipping Those Walks Is Kind of a Big Deal

It’s National Walk Your Dog Day, so if you only do it once a year, today’s the day.  (???)  Seriously though, here’s why getting lazy and skipping those walks might be a bigger deal than you think. “The Washington Post” just did a big story about how skipping walks can “significantly affect your dog’s emotional and physical

Robots Can Now Apply Fake Eyelashes with Sharp Tools That Totally Won’t Stab Your Eyeballs

Are women really on board with this?  Because it looks more like a torture machine. A robotics company called Luum has an A.I.-powered robot that can apply fake eyelashes faster than humans can.  The CEO says it will “completely transform the experience of eyelash extensions” at salons.  They just installed their first one at an Ulta store

This Breach Is Next Level: A Security Camera Showed Home Footage to Other Users?

Remember when security breaches were just like, “Oh, your credit card has been compromised”, or “your personal information has been sold on the dark web.”  Well, this seems like a step beyond that. The smart camera maker Wyze told users there was a “security glitch” last week that let thousands of users see footage from

Apple Wants You to Stop Putting Wet iPhones in Rice

Mixing water with electronics is BAD, mixing water with uncooked rice is GOOD, so what about mixing uncooked rice with water-logged cell phones? You’ve probably heard the “hack” about putting wet cell phones in rice, especially if you’ve panicked after dropping your phone in the toilet.  But Apple is warning you NOT to do it.