Are You a “Multiple Sneezer”? Turns Out Most of Us Are

Here’s a fun topic to have some actual data on:  Are you a “multiple sneezer“?  When you sneeze, do you usually sneeze more than once?

The polling site YouGov just did a nationwide poll of more than 5,000 people.  And it turns out MOST of us are multiple sneezers.

Only 26% said they usually sneeze just once.  Double-sneezing was the most common answer with 38% of the vote.  Some of us don’t stop there though.  22% said they usually sneeze three times, 3% said four, and 4% said they sneeze five times or MORE.

It also asked people what they do if they don’t have a tissue to sneeze into.  And the top tactic by far now is to sneeze into your ELBOW.  53% said elbow.  27% sneeze into their hands.  And 15%, or around 1 in 7 people, said they just let loose and sneeze straight into the air.  (!!!)

If you ever have to sneeze but can’t, here’s one strategy:  28% said staring at a bright LIGHT can make them sneeze.  15% of us have never tried it.