Are These Polarizing Celebrities Good or Bad?

Some celebrities really divide public opinion.  Buzzfeed put together a survey of 33 “controversial” stars, and asked fans to vote on whether they’re an “Overall good person.”

The options are Yes, No, No Real Opinion, and I Don’t Know Them.  Here are some of the celebs, and their Yes and No scores:

1.  Jimmy Fallon:  43% YES, 24% no.

2.  Nicki Minaj:  50% NO, 18% yes.

3.  Will Smith:  47% NO, 35% yes.  (I bet it would have been overwhelmingly YES before “the slap.”)

4.  Amy Schumer:  45% NO, 31% yes.

5.  Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson:  83% YES, 6% no.

6.  Ellen DeGeneres:  78% NO, 11% yes.

7.  Tom Cruise:  67% NO, 18% yes.

8.  Justin Bieber:  51% NO, 26% yes.

9.  Anne Hathaway:  82% YES, 6% no.  (We dig this one.  Never understood all the hate for this woman.)

10.  Howard Stern:  62% NO, 16% yes.

(These were the answers as of last night.  You can take the survey here.  Once you submit your answer, that person’s scores will be revealed.)