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bob 96.1

With Northern Nevada’s biggest music library playing music from the 80s, 90s, Whatever, Bob is truly your iPod on shuffle. At its core, Bob is an 80s-based, rock-leaning, radio station, but the reason why people are so passionate about it is Bob is the only station that will take you from Green Day to The Clash to The Cranberries to Nirvana to The Cure to Def Leppard to…”whatever.”

Add in fun, creative promotions, and the only station with their own “English Girl” as their station voice and there’s never a dull moment on Bob FM. Bob affectionately refers to its listeners as ‘Bobheads’ and even though both young and old listen, Bob targets Adults 25-54 and has designed everything for and around them.

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Who is Listening to Bob?

income levels

68.3% Male | 31.7% Female

39.9% High School Education | 23.% Some College Education

75.9% Own a Home | 24.1% Rent a Home

79.8% Full-time Employment | 4.9% Part-time Employment


Meet the Voice of Bob FM

Michaela James aka The English Gal

If there is one thing that sets Bob apart from any other radio station in Northern Nevada, it’s Michaela James. In addition to being the “Bob Girl,” you can also hear Michaela’s voice on IGT slot machines, website voiceovers and TV. Not to mention, her newly added talent, acting on TV commercials. Michaela was born in Southern England and moved to Nevada when she was 22 years old. She did leave her home behind, but not her love of England and fortunately for us, her accent came with her too.

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