A Plane Flew 13 Hours with a Huge Hole in the Side

Imagine stepping off a 14-hour flight and seeing THIS:  An Emirates flight out of Dubai landed safely in Australia last Friday, even though a huge HOLE got punched in the side of the plane mid-flight.

It was an Airbus A380, which are the largest passenger planes in the world.  The hole looks like it was at least three or four feet wide.

There was a big bang shortly after takeoff, and even the flight attendants freaked.  But the pilots kept going after no alarms went off and everything seemed fine.

The flight was 14 hours, and it sounds like it happened 45 minutes in.  So they flew like that, mostly over open ocean, for another 13-plus hours.

The pilots figured they blew a tire on take-off, which turned out to be right.  But they didn’t see the hole until they landed.  They now think the tire dislodged a big bolt in the landing gear, and that’s what blew a hole in the side.

An expert says the part that got hit was a “fairing,” which is just for aerodynamics.  So that’s why the plane didn’t crash.

(CNN / Euronews)