A Place in Philly Is Selling a $700 Cheeseburger

We heard about the world’s most expensive ice cream last week, a place in Japan is selling it for $6,700 per scoop.  But before you skip straight to dessert, here’s an overpriced entrée.

A restaurant in Philadelphia called Drury Beer Garden just unveiled a $700 Cheeseburger.

It’s called the “Gold Standard Burger”.  It’s made of Japanese wagyu beef and topped with Italian black truffles, caviar, lobster meat, aged Irish cheddar cheese, and the top bun is completely covered in edible gold leaf.

The good news is it DOES come with fries.  (???)  They’re drizzled in a fancy honey that costs $200 an ounce.  You also get a one-ounce pour of $4,000 cognac to sip with it.

Despite the price tag, it won’t be breaking any records.  According to Guinness, a restaurant in the Netherlands sold a burger for almost $6,000 back in 2021.

For anyone who doesn’t want to drop 700 bucks on a burger, which is pretty much everyone, the place also has a no-frills cheeseburger that’s just $2.95 during happy hour. 

(Here’s a photo of their $700 burger.)

(NY Post / WPVI