A Guy Got Shot in the Knee After Using the Ladies’ Room, Because the Men’s Room Was Full

Women could maybe do this, but it’s tougher when you’re a man.

A young guy near San Bernardino, California was at a public park the other day and needed to use the bathroom, but the men’s room was full.  So he figured he’d just pop into the LADIES’ room real quick, which was empty at the time.

Unfortunately, two women walked in right after him and thought he was a PERV.  So they went back out and told someone.

That someone was 33-year-old Rudy Vasquez, who waited outside with a GUN.  And when the guy came out, Rudy shot him in the KNEE and pistol-whipped him.

People at a nearby skate park knew the victim and confirmed he’s NOT a perv.  He’s well-liked and hangs out at the park a lot.  Luckily, paramedics got him to a hospital, and his injuries were not life-threatening.

Rudy fled the scene and threw the gun out his car window when cops pulled him over.  Now he’s facing charges for attempted MURDER.  Some people feel bad for him though, because the park has apparently had some issues lately with weirdos lurking around the restrooms. 

(Here’s Rudy’s mugshot.)