A Creepy-Ass Old Lemon Just Sold for $1,780

Some people won’t spend 50 cents more for an organic lemon, so this would REALLY be out of the question.

A super creepy-looking, 285-year-old lemon was just auctioned off for $1,780 in England.  And no, that isn’t a typo.

A 19th Century cabinet was brought to the auction house by a family who said it had belonged to a deceased uncle.  A photographer was taking photos of it for the sale, and that’s when they opened it up and saw the lemon.

It was dried out, round, and very well-preserved, but it’s brown and leathery-looking.  And, even crazier, it was inscribed with this message, “Given By Mr. P Lu Franchini, Nov. 4, 1739 to Miss E Baxter.”

The auction house figured “what the heck,” so they decided to auction off the lemon as well, with a starting price of $50.  The lemon shocked everyone by going for $1,780, while the old, antique cabinet only went for about $40.

(Here’s the lemon.)

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(BBC / Daily Mail)