A Bad Driver Sent His Driving School 1,500 Origami Cranes as a ‘Threat’

They say there’s “no such thing as bad students, only bad teachers.”  But here’s one . . .

A 22-year-old in Japan wanted to get his truck driver’s license, and signed up for driving classes.  But he’s so bad at driving, he still didn’t pass his test.

Instead of just sticking with it, he blamed his driving instructors, and decided to threaten them, by sending a box filled with 1,500 ORIGAMI CRANES.  (???)

Paper cranes are normally a sign of peace in Japan, so it was an odd choice.  But they knew it was a threat because he also sent 15 letters over six months that said things like “quit your job” and “DIE.”

When cops arrested him last week, he said he was angry about the school’s “poor teaching style.”  And when they asked about the paper cranes, he said he folded them himself because it helps calm him down.

A news site in Japan joked that they think it’s the first time origami has ever been used with “pure malicious intent.”