35 Popular Artists Who’ve Never Won a Grammy

In recognition of the Grammys on Sunday, let’s share a little love to all our favorite artists who have yet to win one.  MentalFloss.com put together a list of 35 popular Grammy-less artists that might surprise you.

Here are some highlights, in alphabetical order:

1.  ABBA

2.  Backstreet Boys

3.  The Beach Boys

4.  Bob Marley

5.  Demi Lovato

6.  Diana Ross

7.  Guns N’ Roses

8.  Jennifer Lopez

9.  Jonas Brothers

10.  Journey

11.  Katy Perry

12.  Kiss

13.  Lana Del Rey

14.  Nicki Minaj

15.  ‘N Sync

16.  Queen

17.  Rush

18.  Sia

19.  Snoop Dogg

20.  Tupac

(You can see more artists at MentalFloss.com.)