10 More Predictions About 2024 from 100 Years Ago

Earlier this month, we had a list of predictions about 2024 made 100 years ago in 1924.  Now more of them are making the rounds online.  Here are a 10 other things people thought we’d see by now. 

Some were serious predictions and fairly spot-on.  Some weren’t so good . . .

1.  Beds would launch kids up and onto their feet in the morning.  Then a flying bus would pick them up and get them to school in two minutes flat.

2.  Our legs wouldn’t work anymore.  By 2024, the muscles in our legs would have atrophied from never being used, all thanks to the invention of cars.

3.  Traveling to other planets would be easy and common.  They compared it to crossing the Atlantic Ocean in 1924.

4.  Flying clothing.  Someone predicted we’d all basically wear suits that made us fly everywhere.  Jet packs DO exist now, but they’re not common.

5.  Concerts would be happening remotely.  This one actually did happen.  They predicted that bands wouldn’t have to tour if they didn’t want to.  Their live performances could reach people right at home.

6.  We’d run out of diamonds.  Jewelers thought there wouldn’t be any left, and we’d be making synthetic gems out of sugar.  (???)  We haven’t run out yet, but synthetic diamonds are a big business now.

7.  New York City would have 30 million people, and Canada would have 100 million.  The real numbers are around 8 million in New York, and 40 million in Canada.

8.  Jazz would be lumped in with “classical” music.  A Russian violinist said it in 1924 to convince people jazz wasn’t a, “destructive force” in the world.

9.  Men would stop wearing corsets.  Girdles and corsets were somewhat common for men in 1924.  Not anymore, but we do have “compression shirts.”

10.  People would think RADIOS were silly and old school.  “The radio set that so amazed you the first time you ‘listened in’ will excite laughter among Americans [in] 2024.”   They didn’t think radios would go away.  Just that no one would find the technology all that amazing anymore.